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Get to know the key ingredients in HiGo dietary supplements.


Nutrients in the protein group


1. Whey Protein Isolate: It is an important source of pure and Hi-quality protein which is rich in many nutrients. It contributes to the growth of the body, especially in the growing age of children, by stimulating the release of Growth Hormone and increasing the immune system as well as the development of the brain. Read more research on the benefits of Whey Protein Isolate for height support here.


2. Salmon Nasal Cartilage: It contributes to strengthening bones including repairing damaged areas, strengthening bones, and growing the body to its full potential. Starting at a young age will help your bones grow better and stronger and reduce your risk of future diseases.


3. Colostrum: The pale-yellow liquid will be shed 1- 3 days after delivery. Colostrum contains more nutrients than regular milk and is equivalent to drinking 20 glasses of regular milk. It increases bone density, height as well as the immune system without any side effects.


4. Collagen Type II: The only collagen type found in articular cartilage. It can have the ability to increase Hyaluronic Acid levels, stimulate new cell synthesis, and repair damaged joints including increasing flexibility for movement. For the elderly, it can also reduce joint pain effectively.


5. L-lysine: An amino acid that the body cannot create on its own. It is essential to get exogenous by eating foods that contain L-lysine, such as soy products, meat, cheese, yeast, milk, eggs, or other protein-rich foods. L-lysine can easily absorb calcium into the body, prevent and treat osteoporosis, repair tissues, and build a strong immune system.


Nutrients in the mineral groups


1. Calcium: One of the essential nutrients for height because it is the main nutrient of bones and teeth. If calcium is deficient, it will affect the bones. In children, this will cause the bone to grow under maturity and cause rickets and make the bone deformed and brittle. In adults, it increases the chances of getting osteoporosis easily. Therefore, children need to get the right amount of calcium for growth in order to build bones. Adults should also be given calcium to increase bone mass and to reduce the development of osteoporosis.


2. Zinc: It is a nutrient that our bodies cannot create on their own. We must get it from external food sources or dietary supplements such as deep-sea fish, oysters, seafood, nuts and grains, sardines or salmon, etc. Zinc stimulates protein synthesis, promotes growth and development. Including stimulating the immune system for the body as well Mineral deficiency can lead to slower adolescence.


Nutrients in the vitamin groups


1. Vitamin D: Nutrients that are essential to the body because it can boost the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It strengthens the bones and teeth. You can also take it with Vitamin C and Vitamin A to prevent colds. Vitamin D deficiency can affect rickets and dental caries. For adults, it can cause osteoporosis. For sources of this vitamin can come from sunlight or foods we eat such as eggs, milk, mackerel, salmon, sardines, as well as various dietary supplements.


2. Vitamin C: It is well known as Ascorbic Acid. It is another vitamin that our body cannot create on its own. But at the same time, it is indispensable as well. Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables, such as bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, lemons, oranges, kiwis and guava. The benefits of this vitamin are to prevent scurvy, strengthen the body's immune system, build collagen, repair body tissues and prevent infection.


  • Vitamin B Complex: Many of these Vitamin B-containing vitamins nourish the body and nervous system, strengthen muscles, stimulate the body's immune system, convert nutrients into energy, stimulate cells, build and nourish DNA as well as increasing physical development If moderation of Vitamin B Complex is taken, the body and brain will be developed as age-appropriate.


4. Vitamin K: Essential nutrients that build strong bones, aid in blood clotting. In children, Vitamin K also helps to strengthen the structure of the bones and skull. Since our body has many bones, getting enough of this vitamin will stimulate the blood nourishing the different parts of the bone better. Vitamin K-contained foods are tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, meat, butter, milk, soybean oil, fish oil, etc.


You will see that the body is unable to produce many nutrients. We need not too much or too little from proper food and nutrition. In practice, we cannot deny that it is quite difficult due to the current way of life where everything seems to be in a rush.


For that reason, we have developed and researched HiGo dietary supplements to meet the needs of parents who want to keep their children tall and complete in all aspects. We have carefully selected the best raw materials together in one pill in a Smart Pill Growth Comprehensive. Smart products that combine all the growth and height needs into one convenient and safe pill made with the best-standardized technology from us.

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