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FAQ of HiGo
Dietary Supplement

1. Who are HiGo supplements suitable for?

A: HiGo supplements are suitable for all ages. Early childhood contributes to the growth of healthy bones and muscles, which is important for increasing height during childhood. In particular, during the golden phase of the Growth Spurt. As in adulthood, it can help relieve joint pain from osteoarthritis as well as prevent or slow down the development of osteoporosis.

2. My 1.6-year-old child refuses to breastfeed, is there any way to make my baby breastfeed?

A: There are many reasons. Parents need to observe eating behaviors, such as addiction to sweets / sweetened beverages / taste bad / eating milk and feeling sick (constipation / diarrhea / flatulence), etc. You may adjust the way you eat as follows.

- Eat food for 3 meals. Milk is a supplement, 2-3 glasses or boxes / day, away from the main meal because the child is full, so he does not eat milk. (1 box of fresh, tasteless milk, eg 200 cc, contains approximately 226 mg of calcium, approximately 8 g of protein)

 - Children may get tired of the taste and replace them with milk powder, carton milk, and brewed milk, but should not be very sweet, as it may develop obesity.

- Try to reduce the sweetness, focus on eating tasteless milk, it may take time to stimulate.

 - Establish a dietary discipline Cut down on snacks / sugary drinks and don't play around while eating.

 - Create a good eating atmosphere

  - Give children the opportunity to choose for themselves.

 - Other forms of dairy products such as yogurt, cheese can be added with more fresh milk.

3. Do HiGo supplements have any side effects?

A: No side effects and can be taken continuously or stopped eating immediately without causing any harm to your body health because HiGo supplements contain all the essential nutrients the body needs daily.

4.How to consume HiGo supplements for the best efficiency?

A: Take the recommended dosage of HiGo supplements. It should be taken after meals, 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day. It depends on the nutrition or the amount of nutrients it receives each day. If you don't eat well or eat less than usual on a particular day, you may take 2-3 tablets per day. If the day you are eating well, you may take just one supplement per day. However, you should exercise regularly and get enough rest (at least 8 hours and sleep no more than 10:00 pm) to clear your mind and reduce stress so that your body can grow to its full potential.

5. How long do I have to take HiGo supplements to see results?

A: HiGo supplements are products that stimulate the growth of bones, muscles, and a healthy body. It is necessary and important to increase height. But there are many factors involved such as sex, age, physical health, congenital disease, etc. Each person's results are not equal. We recommend that it can be consumed continuously. Especially during childhood or golden growth spurt to strengthen bones and muscles, relieve joint pain from osteoarthritis, slow down the development of osteoporosis. In this regard, you should exercise regularly, get enough sleep, clear your mind, reduce stress so that your body can take the benefits of HiGo supplements to their fullest potential and get the best results.

6. At what age can HiGo supplements be started? And when should I start eating for the most effective?

A: HiGo supplements can be taken from the age of 8 years old because pre-puberty can be taller approximately 40% of the total height. In adolescents, it contributes about 15% of the height. Therefore, the recommended age range that you should take HiGo supplements to get the most effective height increase is between 8-18 years old.

7. How long can I take HiGo supplements?

A: You can always provide your body with all the healthy nutrients it needs to grow, repair and strengthen your body in addition to your daily diet.

8. When taking HiGo supplements for a long time, will they accumulate in the body?

A: HiGo supplements do not accumulate in the body even after taking them over a long period of time, as HiGo supplements contain the right amount of nutrients the body needs. When the body uses enough of these nutrients, they can be excreted in the same normal processes as the food we consume on a daily basis.

9. Can I take more HiGo supplements than the amount indicated on the box?

A: It is not recommended to take more HiGo supplements than the recommended amount on the box, as the recommended daily intake provides a reasonable number of extracts for efficacy and safety in accordance with certified standards from The Food and Drug Administration.

10. Contraindications or precautions for taking HiGo supplements

A: Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are prohibited, as well as people who are allergic to any component of HiGo supplements which contain dairy products and fish. This also includes intolerance to capsule components such as gelatin.

11. Can people with medical conditions take HiGo supplements or not?

A: People with underlying disease can take HiGo supplements because HiGo supplements are only products that stimulate the growth of the body, bones and muscles but have no therapeutic or therapeutic effects. However, people with underlying medical conditions should always consult their doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

12. Can I take HiGo supplements with medical drugs or prescription drugs?

A: HiGo supplements can be taken together with medical drugs or prescription drugs, and never stop taking medication without a doctor's prescription, because

HiGo supplements do not have any therapeutic effect. However, always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

13. Can people with seafood allergies eat HiGo supplements?

A: For the safety of consumers, it is recommended to avoid HiGo supplements in people with seafood allergies

14. Can I take HiGo supplements in people with a milk allergy?

A: HiGo supplements cannot be taken as they contain dairy products. But those with lactose deficiency, they can eat it because HiGo supplements use whey protein isolate with very little lactose content. However, if you are with lactose deficiency, you should take HiGo supplements with caution, along with observing potential symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, gastric bloating, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. etc.

15. Can a vegetarian / vegan person take HiGo supplements?

A: Cannot take HiGo supplements because they contain milk and fish.

16.Can pregnant and breastfeeding women take HiGo supplements?

A: Cannot take HiGo supplements.

17. Are HiGo supplements really standardized and safe?

A: HiGo supplements are safe and have been reviewed for efficacy, quality and safety, meeting the manufacturing criteria of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also manufactured in factories that meet world-class standards such as GMP, HACCP and ISO.

18. Why HiGo supplements are more expensive than other brands / can they be discounted?

A: If compared to the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the products that have been eaten and the results have changed for the better, this is considered inexpensive. But if the product is cheap but eating it doesn't produce good results, then this is expensive. It cannot be discounted as we only select and use high-quality extracts that are imported from abroad and manufactured by world-class factories (GMP, HACCP, ISO). We use state-of-the-art and efficient technology, bringing exclusive factory innovations to maximize product differentiation to achieve the highest quality and efficiency. It cannot be copied. However, the company always has promotions for customers who eat continuously. You can follow the promotion through every channel.

19. Will a girl who has started menstruation and will stop high? And how many more years will there be a chance after the start of menstruation?

A: Girls who have reached puberty and have started menstruation will cause the body to slow down the growth in height due to the effects of sex hormones. But still can accelerate to the height for another 1-2 years after the beginning of menstruation. Therefore, during 1-2 years this is a period that requires complete nutrition and complete nutrition, along with exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy body and mind to reach the fullest potential of the body.

20. For parents who are concerned about the height of their infants and children, what advice would you give them?

Ex. The question from on the page that my 8-month-old son is only 66 cm tall. If you compare the graph, he is short. Is there any way to help my child grow? Both parents are 160 cm tall.

A : Babies are ages from 1 month to 1 year. To monitor an infant's growth rate, a combination of elements is required as well as weight and length, including history from birth Importantly, measuring the length of an infant must be accurately measured. However, there may be many factors that affect a very young baby. It is important to take full nutrition and sleep. Children aged 6 months to 1 year may be able to start supplementing 2 meals in addition to breast milk. Because good nutrition can help children grow and develop as well. Infants grow very quickly. Parents should monitor their baby's growth regularly and see whether weight and height trends meet the standards. However, if the baby's growth rate is monitored consistently and correctly, it is found that the baby's growth does not meet the criteria. We recommend visiting your pediatrician for further examinations.

*** For these questions, we can indirectly answer like this. We cannot answer health problems for everyone, because doctors have to diagnose children and ask a lot more about their history. Each OPD test requires 30 minutes. ***

               Questions like this will increase a lot. We can only give advice to check with the pediatrician.

21. Some parents may be advised by your doctor about whether additional zinc and iron should be given to your child, What advice do you have?

A : If the two minerals are not contraindicated, parents can give their child a supplement because they are both essential and essential for the body's growth. If it is depleted, it may cause your body to not grow as fully as it should be. zinc is a mineral that is an essential component of bone to keep bones strong. Zinc also contributes to the stimulation of bone regeneration. While iron is not the main mineral that directly stimulates growth in height, it is important because iron is the key ingredient in red blood cells. If red blood cells are completely healthy, they can provide better oxygen and nutrient transport to other parts of the body as well as bones. As a result, the body can grow up to its fullest. However, in addition to taking zinc and iron supplements, both minerals can be obtained from different foods. Foods high in zinc include meat, liver, seafood. Especially, oysters, nuts and grains, etc. Foods that are high in iron include organ, various red meats, blood, liver, egg yolks, seafood, etc.

22. Can people with Lactose intolerance take HiGo supplements?

A: People with lactose intolerance can take HiGo supplements. Gastrointestinal wind, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. For example, HiGo supplements contain a small amount of lactose from Whey Protein Isolate and Colostrum powder.

23. Parents often have questions about how many centimeters a year their children can be, what advice do you have?

A: Your baby's growth rate will depend on whether your baby has passed the Growth Spurt or not. If elongation has passed, the mean height will not be the same as before the elongation due to the influence of sex hormones causing the Growth Plate to be closed. The average height is gradually reduced to 5 - 7 cm / year, then 3 - 5 cm / year and 1 - 2 cm / year until the height stops. While at some stage, the child grows rapidly. The average height for boys is approximately 10 - 14 cm/year. The average height for girls is about 8 - 10 cm / year. But to be specific about how many centimeters a baby can be each year is unanswered as it depends on diet, nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. However, children are likely to be even higher, just parents focus on food and nutrition, including protein, vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, calcium and minerals. It is important for the growth of the bones to be sufficient and full so that your baby grows to the fullest potential that he is capable of.

24. Where does the mid parental height in the page come from?

A: It is a formula that pediatricians use to calculate approximate height in Pediatrics and Endocrinology pediatrics

        Paper of the initiator named Tanner JM, Goldstein H, Whitehouse RH. Standards for children's height at ages 2-9 years allowing for heights of parents. Arch Dis Child 1970; 45:755.


Usually, there are two types of height calculations used by pediatricians:

      1. Mid parental Height and Target Height

It is the height according to the genetic potential. Parents can try to calculate the approximate height of their children by themselves as follows.

Boy = (Father's height + mother's height +13) ÷ 2

For example

Father's height = 175 cm, Mother's height = 152 cm.

175 + 152 = 327 cm.

Add 13, you get 327 + 13 = 340.

Divide by 2, you get 340/2 = 170.

170 centimeters is the approximate height of your future son.

Girl = (Father's height + mother's height – 13) ÷ 2

For example

Father's height = 175 cm, Mother's height = 152 cm.

175 + 152 = 327

Minus 13, 327 - 13 = 314.

Divide by 2, you get 314/2 = 157.

157 centimeters is the approximate height of your future daughter.

*** the probability of the final height is in the range of  8.5 centimeters Therefore, the last son's height is 161 - 179 centimeters, and the daughter is 148 - 166 centimeters, respectively.

2.Bone Age (Predicted Adult Height)

        The age of the bone can be determined by an X-ray of the left hand from the wrist to the fingertips by comparing all bone growth with standard bone age X-ray images. Bone age can tell how much a child can grow. Typically, doctors will monitor a child's development and growth using the gender and ethnic growth standard graphs, which include a graph of height and weight relative to age. Parents can compare their weight, height and normal values.

      *** See the graph of growth standards for girls and boys. ***

*** Typically, doctors use both methods of calculating height, using genetic calculations along with bone X-rays to determine the age of the bone. Bone age determines how much a child is able to grow and the final height is analyzed together. Bone age does not have to be the same as its actual age because other factors and hormones determine it. In particular, sex hormones. Calculations with this method require a consultation with a specialist doctor or an endocrinologist. ***

25. If my daughter eats a lot of tofu and soybeans, will she be at risk of premature puberty?

A: Soy contains a substance called isoflavone, which works like estrogen but is present in very small amounts. Eating soy or soy products has no effect on hormonal changes. On the other hand, obesity can lead to premature girls. We recommend eating regular amounts, such as 1-2 boxes of soy milk per day.

26. My child is too tall, is there any medicine that can help?

A: Be careful with children who grow up too quickly

Please be aware that there is a risk of precocious puberty that can lead to early childhood growth and advanced bone age. The bone head will close earlier than scheduled. Thus, the first fast-growing child can become the future young or tall adult. Precocious Puberty will also affect the child's height and mental state. Especially girls who tend to develop their breasts before the age of 8 or have their first menstruation before the age of 9. Different bodies with peers of the same age The boys were noticed by the size of the testicles that were larger than 4 ccs. If a child has this disease, a doctor should be sought for treatment to slow down the youth. The doctor will measure bone age and other factors such as hormones, genetics, height, to diagnose and evaluate treatment, and advise whether injections should be given to slow bone closure to increase height. However, it depends on each case. If you suspect that your child is too fast or too old, you can check and consult a specialist at Pediatric Center, Bangkok Hospital. There is a medical team ready to diagnose and provide holistic care from birth to adolescent.

27. Why is sleep so important?

A: Adequate and timely sleep will stimulate Growth Hormone to stretch bones and muscles. Children grow more at night than day and also help release melatonin to sleep and repair the body fully. The child should focus on sleeping early (before 10pm) as a regular and regular sleeper and sleeping in a dark, cool room to allow both hormones to be released to their full potential.

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