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If the parents are small,
how tall will the children be?

We believe that many parents are relatively small and want their children to be more average in height than their parents. As of today, we have a lot of knowledge that can foster the development of children to achieve a standard height. But first, what we should know is to calculate the possible height for proper attention. We would like to share a calculation method with you.

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Calculating the possible height is not too complicated. You can use the calculation of the mid-parental height (MPH) based on the genetic potential of the parents which is calculated as follows:

Son = {Father's height (centimeters) + Father's height (centimeters) + 13} / 2.

Daughter = {Father's height (centimeters) + Father's height (centimeters) -13} /

Then add and subtract 8.5 centimeters, and the result is the possible height.

For example

If your father is 175 centimeters tall and your mother is 152 centimeters tall.

Substitute the above numbers in the formula to find the son / daughter height.

The possible height           

=         {(175+152) +13}/2

=          340/2

=          170

Then add and subtract 8.5 centimeters, and the result is 161.5-178.5 centimeters for son.

Let’s take a look at the daughter side.

            The possible height        

=         {(175+152)-13}/2

=          314/2

=          157

Then add and subtract 8.5 centimeters, and the result is 148.5-165.5 centimeters for daughter.

Now parents can use the Mid-parental Height as shown in the example to calculate the approximate height of the son and daughter. If the resulting height is not satisfactory and you want your child to be higher than the average, will it be possible? The answer is there is a possibility. You need to pay particular attention to the nutrients and nutrition that are essential for full growth and height, including regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy mind.  

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