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What is Growth Spurt and why do we stop taller?

If we observe our own growth and those around us, there is a period of time when growth and height develop more than others time. This period is called Growth Spurt, “golden period of growth” that Thai people are known for as the period when the child's body grows rapidly in a short time. Height and weight gain rapidly. It usually occurs in two stages: the first-year period and the teenage period.  


During the first year, your baby will experience rapid physical and developmental growth, respectively, according to age criteria. Such as lifting the neck during the first few months until standing and walking at 1 year old on average, your baby's height will grow approximately 10 inches (25 cm) and weigh three times the birth weight.

After the first year, your child will grow at a consistent rate and not as much as in the first year. On average, it grows about 2.5 inches (6 cm) per year until the beginning of adolescence. There are often some key characteristics or signs to inform all parents that your child is entering a Growth Spurt such as

  • 1. Wake up often to make sure you are not left alone. It indicates a state of emotional change.

  • 2. Pooping and peeing often can make parents mistaken for your baby with diarrhea. In fact, pooping and peeing in children at this age represents physical changes.

  • 3. Your child gets bigger and longer. Hands and feet are the first to be larger. Changing shoe sizes is the first sign of growth during this time.

  • 4. Your child's development and ability to do things like sitting, crawling, standing and walking.

  • 5. Being hungry more often or eating more than usual.

  • 6.There is a need to hold and hug more often, being more affectionate, and easily frustrated than usual. These behaviors are other behaviors that show an emotional change.

During adolescence, there will be another period of rapid growth. The rapid growth of boys and girls is different. Girls start around 9 years old, and their height will increase rapidly until approximately 11-12 years old, then the rate of height will decrease until approximately 16-17 years old. Then, height is quite constant.

Boys begin to grow 1-2 years later than girls. It starts in the age range 11-12 years old. Height increases rapidly until approximately 13-14years old. Then the height rate drops until you reach approximately 18-19 years old. The height is relatively constant. The height added during this period accounts for up to 15% of the total height and is the final period before stopping high. The height in this period will increase very rapidly. Girls are taller around 8 - 9 cm. / year and boys are taller around 9 - 10 cm/year.

Overall, girls will be about 20 - 25 cm taller. Boys will be about 30 cm taller. It may be a little or more depending on other environmental factors such as nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Therefore, the golden period of growth is the most important time for increasing height.
After the end of the growth period, the rate of height increase will begin to decline until it stops. This is due to the influence of sex hormones that stop the growth plates on the peripheral bone area. Normally, the standard height increase rates for Thai children are as follows:

Table of height increase rates of children in each age group.


Newborn – 1 Year

1 – 2 Year

2 – 4 Year

Before entering adolescence

During adolescence, children have about 1-2 Year

that will be peak to a maximum height increase.

(Peak Pubertal Growth Spurt)




(Centimeters per year)

23– 27 Centimeters per year

10 – 12 Centimeters per year

6 – 7   Centimeters per year

4 – 5.5 Centimeters per year




7 – 10 Centimeters per year

8 – 12 Centimeters per year

Arm bone , Leg bone and spine




The position where

the seized is
Growth Plate

The division of cartilage

cells occurs.
Increased steadily and calcium phosphorus is accumulated. And various mineral salts




Tips for increasing height during Growth Spurt that parents can support.

We already know what a Growth Spurt is. For that reason, if we want to maximize the height of the child, we should do it during this golden time Let's look at tips for increasing your child's height during Growth Spurt and how parents should take care of your child.

Take care of the sleep properly and sufficiently for each age

   The first thing that is especially important for your baby's growth is getting enough sleep for each age is to go to bed before 9:00PM to fully secrete the growth hormone which is responsible for stimulating the growth of bone cells and regulating the functions of other systems in the body.

For the optimal sleep time for each age group, Pre-school children should sleep at least 10-13 hours, School-aged children at least 9-10 hours, and Teenagers should sleep at least 8-9 hours.

In addition to sleeping lengths, parents should also train children to develop good sleeping habits for incredibly good results as follows:

1. Should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, both on weekdays and on holidays. The time for going to bed and waking up should not vary by more than 1 hour. If your child must sleep during the day, should not sleep no more than 30-45 minutes and before 3:00PM to avoid insomnia at night.

2. Let set a Bedtime routine for 20-30 minutes daily. This requires a relaxing activity such as storytelling, reading a book. You should avoid watching television, playing games, or other exciting activities.

3. Avoid caffeinated foods such as tea, coffee, chocolate before going to bed.

4. Make the bedroom location quiet, calm, dark or dim enough light, no TV or mobile phone in the bedroom.

5. Do not force and do not use the bedroom for punishment because the bedroom should be a place where the child feels good, calm and secure.

Promote consistent and age-appropriate exercise.

            While there is no definitive research on increasing height, we have found that: Weight-Bearing Exercise will stimulate bone formation, increase bone mass to be denser. The bones will be bigger and stronger. Examples are jumping, rope skipping, running, cycling, basketball, aerobics, etc. All children should get at least 30 - 45 minutes of physical activity three to five days a week to strengthen bone mass. But it should not be too heavy or dangerous.

Be careful!  Children younger than 16 years old should avoid excessive resistance exercise, such as lifting weights or under the supervision of a competent trainer. In the event of an unexpected accident, the growth plate or growth plate may hurt, affecting the height. Parents should also exercise with their children because, in addition to the opportunity to increase height, it also enhances the closeness within the family.

Nutrition and nutrients are essential for height.
   The last thing that is just as important as the others is to ensure that your child gets the full nutrition. There are three main groups of essential nutrients necessary for body growth and height increase: protein, minerals and vitamins. These three parts are interconnected and important for physical development, intelligence, as well as height. We recommend reading more about the nutrients needed for body growth and height here.

In conclusion, Growth Spurt is the golden period of growth that affects the height of the ball to the time it stops. Parents need to take care of the rest, exercise and nutrients that your child deserves as complete as possible.

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